A genealogy of thought



Read: The anti-preneur manifesto

My favourite part of having this bit of writing published in Adbusters a year ago, is the comments, discussion, and debate that it produced – whether in the form of tweets, personal emails, or in the comment sections of the post itself. Writing this was like a burst of emotion from the heart – not a rational project, but, apparently, entirely relatable. Or at least provocative.

The title was given by Adbusters, not by myself, to accentuate the piece’s radical potential, which some responders saw as a call to discursive arms against capitalism. I, on the other hand, conceived the ‘poetic rant’ merely as a meditation on the HR language so commonplace in a competitive job market characterized by aggressive brand-consciousness and social marketing. In the process of being encouraged to ‘sell ourselves’, brand ourselves, design ourselves to inch out the competition, it can be easy to forget that we are not the sum of our CV’s. Everyone is so much more than that.

But it is exciting to hear that the sentiment of the piece will live on in, since I received word a week or so ago that UK director/writer/actor Chris Jury has taken my words as inspiration for a song to be included in an upcoming theatrical production called The Liberty Tree, “a polemical, left wing, feel-good, jukebox, comedy musical with singing, dancing and a cast of thousands.”

It just shows how thoughts, however miniscule, errant, or seemingly trivial at the time of conception, can resonant, be taken up, re-named and re-labelled, interpreted then reinterpreted, eventually taking on entirely new and interesting forms.. but only if we risk sharing them.

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